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Zilzal Studio

The Secret to Success campaign was created in collaboration with Zilzal Studio, who create work which challenges societal norms in regards to women in Egypt. We produced two cuts, both of which are satirical and poke fun at the expectations which exist for women, both younger and older.


Creative: Jannah Rizk , Amina El-Sheikh

Director:Zeina Aref

DP: Zeina Aref

Art Direction: Zeina Aref , Youssef El Sayed 

Writer: Youssef El-Sheikh 

Editor: Zeina Aref

Styling: Youssef El Sayed

Music & Sound Design: Ramez Naguib 

Colourist: Seif Ragheb, Barbershop

Cast: Nourine Abouseada, Laila Yacoub

Graphics & Illustrations: Jannah Riz

Make up: Diana Harby 

Production: Jannah Rizk and Amina El-Sheikh

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