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Premiere for Short film, Akoon. 

“This project was driven by a sense of frustration towards the unjust reality that being a woman means so many things except the freedom to be one,” says the London-based creative. “That frustration was channeled into creating Akoon as a means of occupying those spaces and showing that any woman—privately and publicly—can choose who they want to be.”

Feature Self-Portraits

'Through the process of bringing the characters photographed to life, I not only freed myself of all patriarchal, cultural, and postcolonial molds that I had once been complacent to, but also challenged gender binaries and western definitions of sexual liberation. I hope Arab women continue to blur the idea of how to be, and truly just exist, however that may look.'

"To try to categorise all Arab women is to stereotype them, to assume, to think that my way of being is any more valid than anyone else’s which is how we ended up with these issues to begin with. I’ve come to realise that this question has no answer, and I am against pushing for a certain agenda of liberation and modernisation by any definition other than the definition which is relevant to that specific woman."

'We can't think of anything more cool, more energizing and empowering than Akoon and we're watching it on repeat, since the music and words are so addictive. '

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